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Location, Location. This is still very important.

Location, Location. This is still very important.

Location, Location. When buying property, the lifestyle on offer is just as important as the house itself. These are some important things to consider.

These days it is all about lifestyle and convenience and where your home is located is now as important as the house itself when it comes to buying. If you are going to have a happy home, then you need to choose a neighbourhood that meets your lifestyle needs.

At the top of the list, is convenience. With traffic and travelling time on the rise in almost every metro and town, you will want to choose a neighbourhood that offers relatively convenient access to your place of work.

While you may just be starting out in life, think about future needs such as childcare facilities and access to good schools especially since there is competition for space and first option goes to local residents.

Shops and basic amenities are also important because you do not want to spend your weekends travelling either. Be sure to also check for other basic needs such as places of worship, a gymnasium or sport clubs.

Since you are making a substantial financial investment, you will want to check how property performs in the area. Does the area have a history of good capital value growth? You want to invest in an area where your asset will not just retain its value, but grow. Take a good look around before putting pen to paper. If you are buying in a security complex, check the rules as well. You would not want to find out that you have no say about rowdy parties after you have already moved in.

The choice between urban and suburban is another consideration. Are you ready for the noise and stress of an urban area, or would you prefer the tranquility of the suburbs. The latter is often preferred by families as the houses tend to have more yard space and the neighbourhoods sometimes come with green belt areas or parks for walks and the odd picnic. The desire for a secure, suburban lifestyle is the reason for the popularity of lifestyle estates.

If you are not settling on a lifestyle estate, then you may want to check whether there are green belts and parks that are child and pet friendly. Lastly, check out the safety record of the neighbourhood and whether there are community initiatives such as a Neighbourhood Watch that you can join and become part of the taking care of the community.

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