Selling your home is one of the most important decision you will ever make, it’s a lot like choosing a partner. You need someone who will partner with you on every step of your property journey.

At Jawitz Properties, we believe that the key to real commitment is signing an exclusive mandate. Which means our 100% commitment in return for yours. Here is why;

  1. An exclusive mandate allows the agent to create a platform of competition between buyers to maximise the price of your property! This is very different to an open mandate which creates a platform of competition between agents. Competition between agents creates a race to submit the quickest offer and not necessarily the best offer.
  2. Protects the price of your home – An exclusive mandate maximises the opportunity to receive the best possible price the market will pay. An exclusive mandate allows us to carefully manage the marketing price of your home in conjunction with you.
  3. Ensures maximum feedback and communication from the agent to you. An exclusive mandate allows us to give you, our client better feedback and communication to enable you to make the right decisions at the right time about your home!
  4. Prevents market confusion – Agents speak different languages. On open mandates the market receives different information regarding your reasons for selling, and most importantly your price which may jeopardise the perceived value of your property. With an exclusive mandate you have peace of mind, that your property has gone to market with clear communication.
  5. Optimises exposure and marketing opportunities for your property. On an exclusive mandate, the agent maximises time, effort and money on the marketing of your property.

We believe that with our experience, knowledge and understanding of the market, an exclusive mandate with Jawitz Properties is the right decision!